Sunday, 28 February 2010

Caravaggio in Rome

Will you be in Rome in the next six month until the 13th of June 2010? A visit to the "Scuderie del Quirinale" is a must as they are exhibiting 24 of Caravaggio's paintings on loan from museums in Italy and abroad, many of his masterpieces in one place.
Master of "chiaroscuro"  light and shadows, Caravaggio was a turbulent artist of the 16th century. He pushed realism beyond the acceptable classical ideals of Michelangelo. He preferred to paint as the eye sees with flaws, defects and  a sense of the feeling beyond the visual impact.
To have at display all these paintings must a delight and a learning experience to the legacy of an artist and his work.


César Ramos said...

Hello Sarah,

How are you?

Mabruk for this very good post.
Caravaggio is placed in the Baroque School of which he was one of the first great representatives.
He was famous while he lived, but after his death was forgotten; he had enemies, and lots of envy!

It´s good to know about this exhibition, but unfortunately I can´t go visit it; too far for me!

This paint you posted, I think is known by "Boy with a basket of fruit". I also saw "Youth with a basket of flowers",... but we see fruits, not flowers (...)

Leonard da Vinci also used the "chiaroscuro" - light and shadows - like Caravaggio did it.

There are reprodutions [hand made] of their paints to be sold!

Receive my best regards,


sarah said...

Hi Cesar,
thank you for your comment on Caravaggio. I did have a chance to see the "boy with basket of fruit" in Rome long time ago, and its was quite a beauty.
Unfortunately I will not be able to see this full exhibition as it is far from Kuwait (much further than from Lisboa!)
But if you find in Portugal any link between art and the arab world in an exhibition or an event, please let me know as we could then allow readers of this blog to have eyes in your own country. It would be great.
Chokran to you
all the best

César Ramos said...

Hello Sarah,

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Now, I hope everything is OK!
I hope I won this "blog-war"!
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Best regards

César Ramos