Thursday, 25 February 2010

Alfred Yaghobzadeh, at Dupon, Paris France

At the renowned photo lab in Paris Dupon, Alfred Yaghobzadeh presents his latest work as a photojournalist from 19th of Feb to 19 of April 2010. 
Born in Iran,  he was projected early on with a camera to look and see people from the natural to the awkward situations. War was a longtime favorite as he ventured in zones of trouble and danger. He covered the Lebanon civil war and was taken as a hostage during that period. He followed closely the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. From then on, he pushed through major world events from the collapse of communism to famine in Somalia, to crisis in political turmoil. His book on "christianity rites" was published as a result of an extensive coverage and research over the course of a decade. 
In his exploration to find the human side to the news, he uncovers his appreciation to life in its glorious simplicity and aesthetics. 
If ever in Paris, plan a visit for his latest work in 2009 on the elections in Iran.


nadine et ganga said...

Great post thanks Sarah great blog too. Wow you sure catch up with a lot of culture in the Arab World...Great iniative .

Unknown said...

Looking forward to having Alfred
s impressive work in New York.

sarah said...

Alfred's work in NY? that should be great.
And can we ever hope an exhibition in the Arab World???