Saturday, 20 February 2010

Internet pushed to be a candidate for the next Nobel prize

Nobel prize is a big thing. Wired Magazine is pushing to nominate the INTERNET as a computer network to be the next peace recipient.
And the nature of this idea is so close to what we are becoming: computers, wires, network, screens, connections, wifi, messages in 140, technologies, updates, downloads, pictures, instantaneous, speed...
All of that in the name of sharing ideas and thoughts.
But have we added a fuzzy fake layer beyond our humanity to really communicate?

There is no doubt that internet has profoundly changed us. At least those who have access to it.
Wired magazine, mother of all tech promotion, was asking, if the Nobel prize goes to the Internet, who would collect the award?
Wired magazine can be the conduct of the award to give Internet Access to all who are deprived from it! That would make many satisfied: a whole industry behind the screen, and joyous innocent peers tapping on their keyboards.

Wired magazine link

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