Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Vintage car restoration

Khaled Kekhia has a passion: vintage cars: classic cars, muscle cars, custom cars, hot tods, race cars... He restores them, he repairs engines, he sources parts from all over the world, he gives a general maintenance to the old machines, he fine tunes delicate electrical components, he brings back the exact color with a shine, he works with leather in upholstery to match the worn out.
All with passion. He lived in the US, in California doing what he loves most. He relocated five years ago to Lebanon, found a garage and can only complain about unskilled workmanship. But he wants his garage to look like a plastic surgeon's clinic and his aides to look like Marlon Brando in the sixties. So he puts his heart in the matter and claims to "check and recheck and recheck" all the work done in his workshop. He knows vintage cars : "are like children, you wouldn't leave with them with just anyone, you need to know who is keeping an eye on them". In his shop, cars from the Gulf, Kuwait, from Europe, from local collectors are either in the air, belly up or in the plastic cover ready for delivery...

His web site is under construction but could be worth the visit soon: Classic Restoration Systems link

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