Saturday, 6 February 2010

Cycling tour in Qatar

Qatar Cycling tour for women: on the finishing line, Kristen Wild TestTeam's sprinter ace. Today the men's race starts. 
Fastest on their bikes meet up in Qatar for a world competition. 
And it is all about that split of a second. 

"It was a pretty exciting day today. We started with 4 seconds behind leader Bronzini and I was able to close that gap by 1 second in the intermediate sprints. Then I knew that it all depended on the last sprint. My teammates (Sarah Düster and Regina Bruins, ed.) did an incredible good job in the final. They brought me into the perfect position and I was able to win the sprint." says Kristen Wild in an interview by

Just one second. It makes the difference of a winner and a looser
In our Arab culture, where time is elastic and seconds often don't matter, it is an achievement to host a major sport event. Qatar probably wants to put Doha on the Sports map. But it must be a teaching tool for locals, expats and visitors in Qatar about the necessity to respect the second that makes the difference and the necessity to put all efforts into that second.

(photo by corvos boonen


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