Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Censorship part 2

Dr Thomas Modeen, fellow blogger in Kuwait, shares some of his experience about censorship while teaching at Kuwait University.
please read excerpt of his blog entry on censorship:

"Today I was informed that the project exploring censorship in Kuwait (featured earlier in this blog) has provoked an angry reaction by some of the powers that be at Kuwait University. I apologise for that, the intention with the project was never to cause offense - its aim was to explore a particular aspect of Kuwaiti culture which, particularly in the context of various art and design related practices (particularly within graphic design, the major of all the students in the class) is of significance.

However, beyond the fact that I feel it's a bit of a storm in a tea cup (as, after all, even the included images are 'censored', albeit in a different manner than what can be observed at local news-stands), if this type of benign exploration and research can't take place in academia, within the confines of a university (amongst the brightest of bright in the nation), where can they?"

Read the rest  at his blog: Kuwait School

and take the time to read comments.
It seems Dr Modeen is leaving Kuwait for better prospects elsewhere.
Quality is rare in this country, opportunities so often missed and usually for the wrong reasons.

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