Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Music at the Palestinian Camps

Mustapha ZamZam is a singer, producer and stage performer in the Palestinian camps of Lebanon. He sings traditional tunes in a familiar beat to his audience of the camps. This particular song is about a woman, love at first sight. He searches for her from one camp to the other, asking about her, describing her. The dance performed live is the classic Palestinian dabkeh.
It is about a number one rated artist in all music stores in the camps.
Have you heard about him?
In the microcosm of the camps, the perspective of a singer takes on a whole new dimension.
It is about a historical perspective: why are there Palestinian camps in Lebanon? Which year has it started? How many generations have been living in these camps?
It has a sociological aspect: In what conditions do these Palestinians live in Lebanon? How do they go about the basics of life: shelter, jobs, medical care etc..?
It is about the one major unanswered question: what is their hope of another tomorrow?
Mustapha Zamzam takes on the role of alleviating any deep question in the realm of songs and expression of joy. Music is fundamental to humans, they use it to make life a bit sweeter and Zamzam feels like a sugar coating even if he is far from competing with Nickelback or Ragheb Alemeh.

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