Friday, 26 March 2010

Broug's vocation for islamic geometrical design

Islamic geometrical figures and structures. Eric Broug is a dedicated artist that has studied extensively in the geometrical realm. He wrote books, designs objects, screens. He set up an atelier in the UK. He teaches the concept. He has a facebook page to promote interconnection about it. He is set in the world to show what a delight it can be.
        These geometrical forms are about a balance between  a grid as the necessary invisible structure and the interconnection of highlighted lines; between the limited forms and the infinite complex shapes; between straight lines and curves; between two dimensions and three dimensions and maybe even more; between the precise mathematical calculations and simplicity of visual impact; between the manifested apparent chaos in the world and the invisible well calculated composition.
There is a fascination for understanding and Broug is not alone in his quest to unlock this irresistible appeal.

Facebook page: Broug Ateliers For Islamic Geometrical Design
Broug website link


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thank you, William. This whole business of islamic geometrical patterns is world by itself, scholars and academics have researched the subject for many moons. There is surely much more than Broug himself.