Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Khalid al Hamad - photography

Khalid al Hamad, young graduate of liberal arts, fine photographer exhibited his works last week at the Boutique 4, shuwaikh, Kuwait.
His one dollar bill cut out in the geographical shape of Kuwait says something about his vision of his country or the whole relationship with Uncle Sam, or even his creative shocking interjection to get some reactions away from the common feeling of "it looks all fine, why change anything?"
His other series of young orphans in a monastery in Thailand, where he taught english for a month, is a moving series of portraits in large size. He shows that he can handle light, contrast, texture, composition.
Khalid needs to continue exploring and certainly not just getting stuck into a style because it sells. There is a lot to investigate in the world and much more to learn and share.

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SheWaShi said...

i loved the first picture !!! :D