Sunday, 4 April 2010

Ali Hussein Sibat and death sentence

Mr Sibat was on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia,  (a sign of piety and a sign of asking God's forgiveness). He  is then arrested, accused of witch craft and sorcery, sentenced to death and now waiting since 2008 that day. In Saudi Arabia, death sentences are carried out on thursdays and they usually envolve public beheadings. Mr Sibat, a lebanese national is accused of predicting the future and giving advice on a Lebanese satellite TV. 
Amnesty International is asking for his immediate release on the basis of freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and freedom of expression. 
All these events put together boil down to some questions: is freedom of expression worth fighting for or the lack of it worth dying for?
Is this man guilty of the worst of crimes?


waleed shaalan said...

If they kill him, then Lebanon should make a new law for the death penalty for men who don't allow women to drive and kill every saudi who touches lebanese soil, the problem is the leaders have their heads too deep up saudi ass that they are blinded with shit.
But what do I know..I am just a fish living in a fish tank full of crazy fish too busy fighting for its own sanity

sarah said...

The source of all pain and agony seems to be the oil era, that blew up scales, money and power therefore led to leaders that forget to bring some sense to any given population.
If oil is replaced by any other alternative method, we might get countries in the Middle East that will address issues that people need to work on and Saudi Arabia might allow proper regulatory systems within their own frame work.

AliK said...

Once should highlight to the Saudis that they are opening Pandora's Box of monumental consequences;

Ali did not commit the forbidden act in Saudi Arabia; it was committed in a country where such act is legal; yet, he is being persecuted for such act as if he did. I can think of several consequences where the involvement of the UN should be required to dissuade the Saudi government from such persecution.

Otherwise, every Saudi national who is married to a girl below the age of 18 (say 12)would have committed a criminal act in most jurisdiction, and should be sentenced for life in prison in such jurisdiction . I am sure we will find a million of such cases to say the least...

sarah said...

But in reality, human kind should be moving forward not putting more fears in Saudis of being punished back the same way their laws treat others. It should be the principle of showing a better side of humanity.
The pandora's box you mentioned is the real trouble here and the precedent it would create is beyond anyone's imagination. point well said

Unknown said...

Mr ALi Sibat is sentences to death for "predicting the future",funny how he did not predict his own!
he is senteced to death for witchcraft,in witch century are we living in?
he is guilty of what crime?under what law?for something that he did not commit in KSA .
The lebanese minister of justice intervened and let's see if they can manage to have Sibat BAck .If Mr Sibat's case will be well compensated and can be a good deal to some,you can be sure that lots of lebanese parties would do th eimpossible to get hom off the hook but unfortunately i do not think our lebanese governement will risk it relations with a big allaie like Saudi Arabia for someone like MR Sibat.
all of that shows us how rotten some countires are and how scared and weak they are ,affaraid not only from illusions, but anything is a threat to their Sanity and stability.
Poor people,i pitty them.GOD is love ,not terror.the problem here is that you have a bunch of brain washed OUTLAWS(MUTAWA3) that distort GOD's Name and are implimenting their personal agenda's and they are trying to play God.
for these countries ,UN resolution or international treaties are a joke and do not supersede "state Matters".let's not forget that we have an issue in most GCC counties regading the Compliancy to Shariaa and other Fatwa's that prevails on any other laws.
In shallah ma yekela bel Sobbat Mr Sibat and at least let him have a fair trial.

Unknown said...

check that limk you will see what Sibat Said

sarah said...

ma yakelha bil sobat !
in any cases, he got a pretty bad treatement, leaving his family of five children behind, waiting for the day
I wonder if a fair trial according to local laws will be fair enough to get him out of this death sentence