Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ancient Egypt art - discovery of a royal scribe tomb

A tomb of an ancient royal scribe has been recently unearthed in Tell al Maskhuta in the province of Ismaelia, Egypt . This intricately decorated tomb belonged to Ken-Amun in charge of royal records during the 19th Dynasty (1315-1201 BC).
Beside their unparalleled monumental art, scattered in open air from pyramides to statues to temples, ancient Egypt has left treasures still today in the realm of discoveries and exploration. Mumies have been opened to be studied and then shoved in museums. Scrolls and tools have been neatly rearranged in display boxes. Frescoes, bas relief, stones are there to be seen. What a gift from the Pharaohs and their civilizations!
The question will remain facing the mass tourism tendencies on how will anything be preserved for the afterlife of  civilizations  or even the future generations to learn harmony and aesthetics ?


waleed shaalan said...

Mass tourism an army of pilgrims that look and do not see, marching as blindly as they run when they are rat-racing. A merry go round from work to play, the planet spins from night to day.
99% of all forms of life have already been extint.. Are we going to end up with them? Or evolve into a mindless consuming machine consuming life itself. A hungry dragon that is chewing on its tail.

sarah said...

Do we have the choice?
Can we be eclectic in our decisions?
How far do we have to follow?
what more can we discover and appreciate?

I wonder
mass tourism is a plague of modern times. Fortunately still contained in specific areas.
Look at kuwait: it is saved from any mass tourism, a blessing...