Thursday, 25 March 2010

Nabati poetry, a new tool for rebellious acts

Poetry live, from Abu Dhabi TV, on a show: "Million's Poet" a contest for the best performer. This week, on air Ms Hissa Hilal from Saudi Arabia has broken a record on her rating by the judges but also on international news about the content of her verses. She uses the "subversive fatwas" as her main rhetoric and she boldly says that these fatwas are a source of inequality and violence. She has received death threats but will appear next week on TV for the final show and will know if she will receive the big prize or some consolation money for her courage and her defiance against radical thinking.

Nabati poetry : Link

Article in The National : link


Unknown said...

this is awesome, do you mind if i share this on my blog?

sarah said...

please share it on your blog. There is a discrepancy on the information though: the youtube video features another lady than the one that might win this weeks contest. I couldn't find her anywhere on the net. But there's also a NYTimes note on her (in a NYT's blog) and the National is becoming a very good paper in the UAE.