Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent passed away last year leaving behind, beside his legacy to fashion, couture and women's clothing, his art collection which is sold today at Christie's Paris.
The viewing of the collection was an event by itself, staged at the Grand Palais, recreation of his interior, rooms settings of how he lived and what he collected.
50 years of collecting. Over 730 objects. Our viewer, who spent three hours queuing to enter the site, was most thrilled by the amount of details in the exhibition. She specially liked the curious chair in white marble representing a bird by Francois Xavier Lalane.
And it is selling at record prices.
Commentators are questioning the world financial crisis and believing money is still around to acquire art. Museums are pre-empting their desire to buy few of the masterpieces.

Collecting seems like a natural process that starts with the pleasure of apreciation and need to surround oneself with what is appealing. What are you collecting today?

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Anonymous said...

I still find it insane to spend 40 million dollar to own a painting, even if I had the money I would not do it. I think the pleasure I would get out of bringing fresh water to some of the millions who cannot drink, of education to those who dont have a chance would give me much more satisfaction than staring at my lonely painting. A satisfaction that will outlast my mortal life and will continue through the lives of those who benefited from the money. I would leave the painting in a museum where as many people as possible can enjoy. That is just me.