Monday, 2 February 2009

Al Bareh gallery, Bahrein

AlBareh Gallery in Bahrein has a rich collections of artworks from Middle Eastern artists, established and new talent.
On one of their walls, Mohamed Omar Khalil shows a 130 x 130 canvas. Born in Sudan, traveled the world, living in New York, he had there several teaching positions in prestigious universities, NYU, Colombia, Parsons. He works on different mediums, experimenting and keeping the balance between the impact of the west and the roots of his youth.
In his latest work, he assembled patches and oriental geometrical patterns with the "Lacere" ripped posters as Jacques Villegle has mastered over time in his works seen in the autumn 08 retrospective in Centre Pompidou, Paris.
Khalil holds the capacity to integrate the modern and contemporary up to the level of art around him in NY and yet can still express himself as a son of the desert, the Nile. No camels at sight but deep down, the brown yellow and blue reveal buried emotions of who he is.

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