Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Ilene Evans

At the Babtain library for arabic poetry, Ilene Evans performed themes of story telling, poetry and one woman show on tuesday 10th of February 09 presented y the US Embassy.

In her own words:
""Send down your healing waters..." That is what the rivers do where I live. They rush and ride and pour out the songs of the earth. Some come from the mines long silent, some rush from the forests and hills, some from the heart of those who built these roads stone by stone.
I am a storyteller now. I left a city life and career as a dancer and teacher to become a part of a larger story. I live in a place with the elements earth, air, fire, water - all the stuff that myth is made of."

Audience was taken by the voice, the stories, the words and the acting of Ms Evans.

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