Saturday, 21 February 2009

In the Cinemas, showing "Slumdog Millionnaire". Did you have a chance to see that movie?
It's surely worth the time and the entertainment.
The plot is thrilling. Visuals are sensationally real. Many levels can be read in the story: love, fame, success, survival, brotherhood, power, values, trust, luck, poverty, abuse, death...
Millions have been spent to make that movie.
and in the end, the slumdog kids playing the main role as children have been paid around 2500 usd for a month of work. A fortune compared to what a slum adult can earn. A trust has been set up for their education. But the real question is: are these kids the lucky ones who will now have the opportunity to raise from the dust and sewage? What will they do with their lifes from now on?


Unknown said...

i really loved that movie.
i saw it as a real love story very different from the pink love stories,this one is real with the real pain,hapiness and struggles that comes with it.but at the end jammal got what he was holding on to and never gave up dispite of life;s ups and down.everything he did was from his heart and with heart.

sarah said...

I wonder if perseverance and belief in an act is based purely from heart; or is it the level of love from the heat that pushes perseverance into success. In that movie, there was also capacity to maneuver in life with a trust that what he is doing will be the right thing, whether in becoming a tourist guide or a chaiwala, or even a dishwasher

Anonymous said...

The best thing about slumdog millionaire is it actually created two, and that is the two kid actors who were actually from the slum, their life will not be the same.