Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Crime of the Century - National Iraq Museum

Iraq National Museum in Baghdad opened its doors after the looting of 2003.
Red carpet, VIP invitees, Iraqis are ready to embrace a new stage of their life.
"Former museum director Donny George, who fled to New York, has accused the US occupation forces of "the crime of the century" for having stood by and watched the ransacking of the museum that went on for days". (according to AFP reports)
15000 pieces were either stolen or smashed. Some 7000 are still believed to be stolen while some other found.
Looting their own heritage, Iraqis have gone into an amnesia, loss of consciousness and total blindness in their actions. It was the first step into sliding down in the mayhem of what we know of Iraq today. Madness, turmoil, confusion, chaos, violence, anarchy.
How important is it to keep one's own heritage, to recognize one's own history, or in the same manner forget, wipe out, erase? Men could become savages and animals if left on their own without civil rules, but they must have lost their sense of humanity and history, must have been treated like animals to react like ones.
Could it be that Iraqis had a destabilized sense of history ignoring which part is glorious and what part is shameful? Beside the greed, immediate profit, there must be other underlying reasons to that looting and destruction of the collective memory.

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Anonymous said...

They have been treated like animals for years, what were you expecting! look at the others: Israelis, Palestinians, extremists, etc all have been mistreated so they mistreat others! the only way out is to show them they have some good in them, it might help reduce the bitterness.....