Saturday, 14 February 2009


A friend was comparing what he planned to do in his house "reclaiming territory just as the Israelis do in Palestine".
Territory, walls, houses, rooms, space, demolition, bricks, destruction, reconstruction, mine, yours, not yours, all mine, here, out of here, part of my life, out of my life....
It is the basis of an interesting scope of vision on how humans can claim ownership of land and earth and who gave them that right.
Rachel Cunningham in her masters diploma produces a series of still life photos of Palestinian houses remains demolished by the Israelis. Fragments of these houses were displayed in a detached quasi-scientific manner. She was helped by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition. Exhibition of her work will take place in Feb in England.
Fascination can be pulled in the psyche of Israelis with the destruction of Palestinian houses and yet erection of that mighty wall to encage the "terrorists". How far can one go in his own contradictions and absurd behavior?

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it one step further than urinating on trees!