Tuesday, 5 May 2009

B307 AUK students

Students at the art departement of AUK are exhibiting a sample of their works at the Cercle Francophone de Kuwait (French Embassy) Sat 9th of May 09 at 11 am
Talent in embryo, with potential, some with confidence, some with effort, some others with the need to be pushed and projected into a scene of recognition and appreciation. In this first exhibition, the support given by the French ambassador’s wife, Mme Sophie Gehan, herself an artist, is of great value.
This seed of Kuwaiti creativity will be taken into a further step when the “Opera Gallery” in Dubai will host an exhibition for their works. It will project the budding artist into a wider scene than the local venues. As Thuraya al Baqsami, the doyenne of Kuwaiti contemporary artists, had said one day: “All local encouragements and competitions are geared to portray a camel, a coffee pot or a dhow boat otherwise it is not appreciated here”.
There was no sand dunes at sight in this exhibition, but a vibrant expression of struggle, pain, duality, identity...

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randa said...

Superbe ! Je salut toutes les personnes qui ont encourage ses jeunes a s'exprimer:) without sand and camels!