Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture

Do you have an art or cultural project, are you creative, full of ideas but don't have means to execute?
Deadline: 31 August 09. Submit a proposal for a grant to the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture.

a detailed web site
and a fantastic FAQ (frequently asked questions), good simple Q&A
" 1-Can I submit my application in English?
No, applications are to be submitted in Arabic only.
2-Are non-Arab applicants eligible to submit applications?
Yes, applicants holding non-Arab nationality are eligible to submit a request for fund. However, the project must be targeting Arab audience in the Arab region.
3-Does AFAC support cultural/artistic/literature projects outside the Arab region?
Venue of sponsored projects should be the Arab Region, and the targeted audience should be the Arab audience in the Arab Region.
4-What is the Maximum limit and Minimum limit for the grants?
There are no limits for the grants supported by AFAC. Applications will be assessed by a specialized panel that will develop an estimate of the amount that should be granted for the project. etc..."

The Arab Fund had their bi-annual board meeting in Egypt to grant funds for cultural projects in the Arab World or by Arab artists in the world.
It is a remarkable venture to see talent being encouraged without discrimination, labeling or geographical limits.
They have prestigious members on their board dedicated to promote cultural activities in four fields: Independent film, performing arts, visual arts and literature, plus: capacity building, training and research; collaboration in regional events, cultural exchange or tours in the region. Their scope seems wide, but it gives the fund capacity to insure a larger approach on fostering emerging talent.
They started in 2007 with a budget of 500 000 usd mainly from the Open Society Institute, Ford Foundation and many others. In 2009, their budget will hit 900 000 usd on which grants will be allocated from usd 1000 to 25 000 or more per proposals requests.
This year, their most visible contribution is the film selected in the Cannes festival 09: "The time that remains" by Elia Suleiman, Palestinian. On a less noticeable impact but yet as powerful leverage is a small grant for a cinematheque in Kerbala, Iraq.
The real achievement would be to show "The times that remains" in Kerbala and thus allowing a full cross cultural interaction between grantees and viewers. Go beyond frontiers and limitations with what art is all about. But first, let's get the projects rolling, submit your ideas and give it a try.


shakiba said...

very interresting to see such a project in the Arab region.
how come in Kuwait, we did not know about it more?
Could the AFAC think of a better strategy to promote their work? A poster in all the galleries, a small advertizing in art magazines, a facebook page ... We can go on with ideas
Let's get over the conspiracy fear led by an instinctive reaction: AFAC is there to promote a hidden agenda for specific countries such as Palestine or Iraq...
Open up, let the world know you are there to do good.

AliK said...

That is very exciting, bravo! I hope that one day we will have more Arab donors promoting Arab art, and then, more effort can be invested to reach artist across the region.