Sunday, 24 May 2009

Ghadah Al Kandari blog

"Look Ma, I can draw",
"Look Ma, I can write, Look I can share, I can show the world how it works..."
Ghadah is blogging...
Quite fascinating to watch an artist's work in progress, with comments following crucial steps in the making: "an apple is here, the apple is gone and there is a horse "
Producing art is an isolated, solitary activity. For non-artists creativity is a mystery. The obscure and ambiguous allusions will never be totally revealed but thanks to Ghadah, the enigma unfolds the veil, few inches at a time, few words at a picture and gives a thrill to art.

(photo by Ghadah)


makram said...

Are these statements correct:

"Producing art is an isolated, solitary activity."

Producing art does not have to be an isolated, solitary activity. People
could produce the best art collectively too.

"For non-artists creativity is a mystery."

Aren't we all artists in one way or another. Some present it in words,
acts, paintings, music, acting, buildings, clothes, cars, even in financial
tools....... It requires a healthy society to identify, highlight,
develop, respect, and to share.

sarah said...

I am glad you consider everyone as an artist in one way or the other, it would be great if we could all unleash the creativity in our inner soul.
As for me: it is still a mystery and i have no prospects of claiming any of it.
Let me know when you get in a group art production. It might be the revelation I was waiting for...