Monday, 20 April 2009


Noun for Naissam Jalal et Ya for Yan Pittard
They play music, She is on the Flute and the Ney, He's on the Guitare and Oud. 
They have walked different paths from classical studies to improvisation, from many countries interacting, learning the local sound. They have performed in Lebanon in March 09.
Reviews have labeled it: "Hiwar hamim" (intimate conversations) with a free mind in duo with a technical mastery. 
They consider their music to be in evolution as a way to move around the world.  A song is titled "resistance" thinking outside the box and expressing thoughts and feelings beyond weapons and mass destruction.  Music without borders. 
Their logo reveals a sensitivity to visual arts as well. 

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Unknown said...

i really like the sensuality and the intimate connection between the Noun Amd The YA although it is in Blue a cold color but it reflect the strengh and the boldness yet refinement between the Noun YA.