Saturday, 11 April 2009

Arabic tatoos

The book "Arabic Tatoos" was published in june 2008 by "Mark Batty Publisher: dedicated to making distinctive books on the visual art of communicating, showcasing the visual power and innovation of contemporary culture in all of its varied poses."
The few photos on display on the web shows a book full of tatoos beyond their visual decorative side. The use of the word in Arabic allows to express a fascination of the language, culture, and what it might represent in the collective culture. It might also allow an appropriation of the unknown.

Jon Udelson, the book’s compiler, writes, “These tattoos signify more than the words and designs they showcase upon a person’s skin. They are representative of this crucial point in modern time where cultural awareness, acceptance, and, unfortunately, fear, are salient aspects of global culture.” "Arabic Tattoos documents the reasons why people from the United States and Europe get these tattoos, ranging from names converted from Latin alphabets to Arabic, to bold words like “infidel” emblazoned on US soldiers returning from Iraq."

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