Saturday, 7 March 2009

young talents

Starbucks in Kuwait is promoting art, and music in four of their 63 locations. Young artists can exhibit and sell their works free of charge in a rotating scheme.
This could be a first step for a widening and popular need for arts, expressions, venues to show it all.
It is the time to show talents and for talents to go ahead and project their works.

Will Alshaya company be the new patron of arts in the middle east? Will they widen their program to the so many other retail locations they have?
Or will they just look at the numbers and see if this increases or stagnate their sales and decide accordingly if art is worth the effort?
While it lasts, talents, please, jump on the wagon and enjoy the ride.. it can be a good opportunity to interact with your creativity. and on your way out, buy a cafe latte half skimmed, half full, decaf and low on the foam barrista.


Unknown said...

it's a nice idea and it's an opportunety for some to have their work exposed,but these art exhibitions popping like muchrums it's like FASTFOOD ART.
i think the should stop calling it ART AND replace it by NEW CREATIONS or visual creations but not ART.

sarah said...

fast food, slow food, they call it what they wish, it is surely under a very clear mercantile, commercial venue.. both companies, starbucks and alshaya group have some good ideas but all geared toward profit.
if "new creations" "expressions" can slip through and be heard why not. It is only when the masses will start creating and expressing, will we have a sound foundation for better art..