Thursday, 12 March 2009

Nadem al Kufi

At the Sultan Gallery, Kuwait, Nedim Kufi presents his works: Follow the moon.
It surely takes a very progressive sense of aestheticism and purity to attain his level of art work. Do you follow the moon, does the moon follow you...
In his intricate researches, he confronted the canvas, installations, online works, writings, graphic illustrations, organic material. He won an award in Holland, where he lives, that allowed him to explore new geographical art centers. He opted to travel to Thailand and has found the Asian version of art. He says that he feels much closer to the paper than the canvas. Or did he try this time to reproduce paper texture on canvas? In his search of the self, he experiences the bridging, openness and acceptance between his arab origins, his dutch fascination and the third dimension of global interaction.
His work allowed him to synthesize integration of many layers. Through his own process, the quest is still on, with the subtlety of the moon in the sky...

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