Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Arabesque Washington Dc

Theatre, music, dance, installations, art, poetry, discussions ... all in the Kennedy center in Washington Dc until the 15th of march as the festival of Arts of the Arab World.
The Slaiman al Bassam's troup performed their interpretation of Richard the third, with an arab twist and modernity to the classic. In arabic, with translation, the play is full of several levels of understanding and full of surprises: politics, leadership, religion, foreign intervention... It has been shown three nights in Kuwait and has been touring around the world from Paris to Damsacus and after the US to Sharjah and al Ain UAE. It takes a lot of audacity to speak out in covered words a full description of the waters that runs deep. It takes style to do it well and present it with eloquence, dramatic settings, costumes...
They came back with a sense of satisfaction, sold out for the two nights.

Could we hope to see it in Kuwait for as many nights as it was shown outside Kuwait?


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