Thursday, 30 December 2010

Garbage Dreams

Garbage dreams: a beautiful documentary on an ugly subject: three teenagers work form morning to night collecting garbage in Cairo, Egypt, and recycling it at the Zabaleen city. Documentary's reviews are praising the broadness of the approach from the teenagers' dream to the condition of these workers, to the globalization effect on the industry to a society that turns away from some sour issues.
It has won many awards and should be a good documentary to watch.
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Dumpster Dude said...

Right time to pull our socks and maintain our environment clean and tidy, we can learn a lot from these guys.

sarah said...

It is absolutely right, we should learn form these guys. But it actually takes time and devotion to do the job they do,
clean and tidy are individual perceptions and we usually cannot stand other people's garbage.
So to keep it clean and tidy can be an endless debate and the answer cannot be in a sanitized world.
But the question is what to do with the amount of garbage we produce daily.
How do we live in harmony with the environment, and make the less impact possible on a beautiful planet?

AliK said...

It is difficult to deal with the garbage of others, yes, but it shows us that given an economic incentive, society will recycle. For the poorer nations, it is through manual labour, in more advanced societies, it is automated. So bottom line, it is all the same and not so demeaning!

For the garbage kids of Egypt, the necessary incentive is minor, until the economy grows (which it is) and such jobs to continue, they would have to be compensated through subsidies collected from taxpayers.

sarah said...

Economic incentives make the world go round. Taxpayers should pay the garbage kids in egypt, allow them to have a way out and recycle through automated machines.
A possibility.
In any which way one looks at it:
- there is a real need to process our garbage thoroughly with awareness off impact.
- respect the garbage kids and empower them in what they do.