Friday, 24 December 2010

Agha Khan Awards for Architecture - Chandgoan mosque - Bangladesh

This shortlisted project in bangladesh did not make it to the best five; however the concept of such a clean cut mosque gives an edge to what is usually built in the islamic world.
The tendency for mosques today follows often a trend to emphasize devotion through opulent ornementations and blown out of proportion perspectives to show grandeur.
Examples of such architecture are the Sheikh Zayed mosque in AbuDhabi, the unfinished mosque of Saddam in Baghdad or the Blue mosque of Hariri in Beirut
The Chandgaon mosque is an innovation in the third world to consider simplicity as a measure of beauty yet an aspiration for spiritual connection.


rabaa said...

it doesn't look like a mosque, it looks more like a library

sarah said...

Thanks Rabaa for your comment.
Well, function of a mosque is clear: prayers, gatherings, feasts and all that comes with the religious commands. it is hard to believe that beside marketing for the Almighty, there isn't any rules of how a mosque should be designed except the rules of function: a minaret, a direction for the qibla, the open space for prayers, the women's section etc...
So it seems that the innovation in that mosque is thinking outside the traditional box and presenting a contemporary look.
worth the visit to make up one's mind really...