Sunday, 6 June 2010

Washington conquers the 9-3. "Le Monde"

The reputable newspaper in France, "Le Monde" writes today about the culture of influence and empowerment, and how the US embassy, has done very thorough work of assessing and reaching out to the "hot" suburbs of Paris where in 2005, riots flared up.
The main issues are about integrations of migrants' generations into the main stream French society. The overseas Obama team identifies potential leaders, those who act and work hard in making a difference. They are given a helping hand in their process through a trip to the US to learn more, or a hollywood actor that visits.
The US seems to open channels to any potential change in France, a change hard to look at from the French themselves. Ali, Reda, Roukhya, Majid, Yassine are interviewed and give their opinion on this incredible capacity to be recognized by the outside world and not by the establishment.

In the Arab World, we are used to such post-colonialist discourse and cultural imperialism. Our way, their way, the traditional way, the modern way, which way is the best way to evolve? Is it true that confronting the western liberal democratic highway, we can only find the religious extremism as an alternative? Is there a solution to instill some hope of improvement in today's youth?

Le Monde article link in French

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