Sunday, 6 June 2010


Recycling, remodeling, using the old to make a new vision. Interesting architectural concept, from LAVA an architectural firm in Australia, to make use of old buildings and introduce new concepts: energy saving, energy generating, sustainability, supply of natural air flow - in two words: Eco-conscious!
In Kuwait, there is a frivolous sense of endless oil wells, hence total disregards to what the planet needs.
We see old buildings just torn down as if made of carton and new ones built with little consciousness. Could it be the heritage of nomadic bedouin culture: put your tent where your camel can graze, remove your tent as soon as the well is dry, move on to another spot?
But Nomads have a deep sense of resources and earthly respect. They keep their carbon footprint as light as possible. What was lost along the way of development?

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makram said...

I am not sure things were lost along the way of development but things were not developed along the short history of the Gulf.

The love of the land and the country, ownership of your production, pride in work and in your profession, education on the need of mother earth, love for your fellow world citizen, love to your health, respect for the human life, and much more were not developed during the acquisition of the richness.

Easy money or the curse of oil, documented by many, had its impact and, in the Gulf, had not reached its lows. The Gulf region, in many ways, have not reached the bottom in comparison with the rest of the world. what is coming could be worse.