Monday, 21 June 2010

Poetry market in Paris (marché de la poésie)

Poetry at all stands, a market for poets and poetry lovers. Words, verses, books, collections, all to use the beauty of language.
For three days (until the 20th of June) at the "place St Sulpice" in Paris, the poetry market has organized seminars, talks and lectures on poetry. In its 28th edition, the market promotes new comers in the field, new publishers and those who are well versed in the matter.

Alain Gorius has created the "al Manar" publishing house dedicated for literature from countries south of the Mediterranean. After living for quite a while in Morocco, where he established an art gallery, he went back to France in 1998 and opted for his passion of poetry, mostly arabic translated to french. The books he publishes are often combining words with illustrations by artists. Maram al Masri is one of al Manar's authors, and her latest "I look at you" is a delicate, profound book on intimacy and modesty.
Without restrictions or limitations, the poetry in his stand has a sense of freedom and openness.

Link to al Manar web site

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