Saturday, 10 October 2009

Harley Davison Ride in Lebanon

For 3 days, Harley Davidson riders from the Arab world prevailed over boundaries, frontiers, cultural gap, religious restrictions, social limitations. They came from Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula, from overseas, across many deserts.
On the mountains of Lebanon, 330 bikes roared in one tone, they moved as one hybrid element, they communicated in  the same hand signals.
    Together in their shinning armor, they carried the ideas of camaraderie, friendship and adventure. Although a ride is solely for the ride itself; the symbiosis with the elements, wind,  earth, moon, fire gives it a transcending dimension.
Forget one's worries or fears, hold your bike as an extension of your body, feel the vibes, and let the passion inflame your guts...
Did anyone propose to give posthumously a Nobel prize to Harley and Davidson? In the legend of "the Eagle soars alone" these bikers have gone beyond wars and conflict, they have distilled a sense of peace and togetherness...

(photos by Waleed Shalaan)


AliK said...

You have brought to life the main elements of this trip, superb illustration.

sarah said...

Those who were part of this ride, spoke words full of excitement, and shared lively images.
This blog's intention is to review and report on events to alter the idea that nothing interesting happens in the Arab world.