Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Green Caravan film festival (day 1)

         As an effort to bring together the community and share concern about the environment, Equillibrium has started today their film festival in Kuwait.
         At the press conference, beside the usual thank notes, Dr Salah Bourjini, UNDP representative in Kuwait for the region, presented few striking points. He said:  "We no longer talk about human development, we are now talking about human security, we need to find ways to liberate humans from the threats from which their lives are affected". Now, that is a whole new approach...
"Liberate", "free from fear": These words seem to come out of an eastern religion dogma for a personal spiritual journey.
       Will their next objective be the right to happiness for everyone on planet earth?
     Dr Bourjini incorporated the environment factor and explained: "We cannot continuously deteriorate the Eco-system, continue to stress the region and this is a threat ". The climate change is a visible sign. "Countries have to seriously address these problems, otherwise their economies will not be sustainable". On the other hand, if the planet deteriorates so fast, and the result be so harsh on humans, will we still be thinking about the economy, its financial crises and sustainability?
According to these movies shown at Dar al Athar, the damage is way beyond repair. Recycling is important but we have to start right now, all together.


walid said...

Very so true! they are all concerned about the future of economy, about GDP growth, about sustainability, progress, innovation.... As if these are things on their own. What about us, tout court?

sarah said...

Thanks Walid for your comment. I had the impression that this particular entry was not as clear as i wanted it to be.
One cannot question the positive intention of the UN structure. It is to enhance wellbeing of population around the world. It makes the globalization go beyond ecomonies of scale.
But they have to sell their stuff, motivate the crowds. And so they need to use the latest lingo in order to fit with current discourse.
It gives confused signals to the same crowd they would like to inspire...