Friday, 21 August 2009

Zeina Maasri "Off the Wall"

A book published in feb 2009 on posters during the WAR in Lebanon, researched and written by Zeina Maasri. The forward by Fawwaz Traboulsi is quite eloquent in the issues at stake:

" Question: Why should we remember a civil war? Answer: so as not to have it repeated (...) Forgetting is one thing, amnesia is another. Amnesia, both officialized and popular, has been rampant in post war Lebanon (...) Collective amnesia is pathological while it pretends to be curative. (...) it condemns the patient and re-enact the traumatic past as a permanent present. That is why the post war years have been lived as a 'cold civil war' awaiting for the 'return' of the hotter version.
With patience, perseverance and a lot of talent Maasri has managed to collect document and archive hundreds of posters produced by the different protagonists during the wars of Lebanon. (...) she has offered us another way of looking at posters: posters as weapons.

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makram said...

Question: Why should we remember a civil war?

We need to remember the last one and the many ones before, as we always do, so as we get better at it and can win on the enemies. If you notice, we have been improving by using better weapons, killing more of them, and have more secret friends in many places around the world that are willing to help us against them.

We need to learn from the past and never forget the previous civil wars and the Lebanese has been good at that. After all we have won by maintaining our same leaders, their sons, same thoughts and beliefs, and have strengthened our religious militia and influence. The new development is that our party is involved in economics and control a big sector of the

We will never forget.