Sunday, 2 August 2009

Legal and illegal art

Street dance in Paris is not legal. Feisal, Ibrahim and friends, some from Tunisia, others from different part of the world, perform in the tourists' zones. Under thirty years, they decide to get together to earn a few coins in the summer, entertain the crowds, and sometimes they get police intervention on the spot.
What is the sanction in France to dance in the street? probably not as much as in other countries where public dancing is punished highly, music and singing must be state controlled.
Does it stop the dancing?

On the same note, Flash Mob dancing has become a fad in many countries. In an anonymous manner, a group of dancers get on the floor of high traffic area, usually a train station, a big mall etc.. and perform together during a song to give the impression of a random event. The use of a web camera, youtube, twitter, facebook etc.. promotes the success of the pre and post event. In the past month, around the world, spontaneous flash mob dances have been organized as a tribute to Micheal Jackson.
In Kuwait, it was reported by fellow bloggers that a silent non dancing tribute to Micheal Jackson on the beach ended up being dispersed by the police.
Does it stop listening to Jackson's words :
"We are the World, we are the children ... We'll make a better day, just you and me..."
and let's start dancing!

link to flash mob dance : Montreal

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Unknown said...

legality and illegality,that is a neverending story betweem what is moral and what is not.
some of the biggest artistic creations are the fruit of illegality or not so moral things because there you find thrills and excitement and adrenaline boost that will inspire and increase your imagination.
you should check out the lebanese flash mobbers they are doing intresting things and lots of people contributed(100 or more).
legal or illegal art is a gift to escape the dullness and cruelty of life.
ART is A Real Transformation of something into something can legalise what is usually illegal like for instance taking naked pictures is illegal,but nudity pictures like for instance in Pirelli ads is art.