Thursday, 2 July 2009

Classical Music

Seiji Ozawa, conductor, was at the highlight of "Theatre des Champs Elysees", Paris, on the 1st of July 09. Conductor of the Vienna Philahrmonic Orchestra, he founded the "International Music Academy in Switzerland" (IMAS) in 2005 where he teaches new talents on string instruments. This was their first concert beyond the Swiss borders. Students presented a piece in a quartet formation and after an intermission they all played under the Maestro's baton.
Music at its elegance and finesse. The pleasure was to listen to young performers with enthousiam and seriousness. But the moment the Maestro stood hands up for the first note, the musicians and their strings came alive with breath of fire and wind. They became music and music was the fleeting glimpse of life.

Ozawa is an eminent director. Born in China by japanese parents, he has transcended with his passion to classical music all borders, and any other humanly restraint. He believes that "Humans can discern ephemeral fashions..." "The sensual contact, the energetical presence, the emotional comunion are important elements of the imaginary and the self. If you had asked thirty years go when I was in San Francisco influenced by hippies of that time, I would have predicted the end of Classical music, and I would be wrong."
"All I try to do is understand the emotional architecture of a piece, seize the intimate aproach of the composer. This vision is what I search for as it gives the sounds, the dynamic that the orchestra should reproduce. For me the director's work is like a medium between the composer and the musicians interpreting"

He says on the IMAS: "Teaching is like a drug ! Once you have started it, you cannot give it up anymore.»

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