Sunday, 28 June 2009

Censorship and Journalism

Thierry Leclère, a French journalist at Télérama, is specialized in medias, ideas. He monitors around the world and in France the evolution of medias and what futures lies ahead for them. In his reports, he interviews the editor in chief of "Medias", another french magazine, on the issue of auto-censorship and the difficulty to use words, phrases and ideas, now part of the common belief of politically correct. They seem to concur that they would like to see a freedom of press that goes beyond the "yes, but..."

Mr Leclère was saying:"Information is not a commodity or a merchandise. The press cannot only publish what the reader wants, it then becomes entertainment." Or what the authorities want, it then becomes propaganda. "It has to go beyond marketing and sales. It has a value of openness to others, to move centers of the world, allow the world to know more about others, their problems and difficulties" It is a pursuit to answer questions and allow all to express their opinions.

He mentioned that in the Arab world, freedom of speech and liberties have a different meaning from what can be expected in the West.
The best example is the "Doha center for Media Freedom" opened in 2007 with Robert Menard, previously the founder of "Reporters without borders". Mr Menard recently resigned from his job because it was "suffocating". He could not go beyond the limitations of culture, politics and funding. Perceived as a threat to existing foundations, the Center was consistently blocked by the other pole of journalism and press in Doha, "al Jazeera" as Mr Menard states.

One essential part of freedom and liberty is to encourage journalists to reflect on the nature of their jobs, missions and limitations, with a value of ethics and responsibilities.
What do journalists in the arab world really vouch for? What is their hidden agenda or which ideas do they support and endorse? What are they afraid of?

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makram said...

Journalism is entertainment. It is much more clear with the private sector since there basis of success is the profit generated.