Wednesday, 24 June 2009

music and art

On the 21st of June in Paris, the city becomes music at every corner and every space. "Fete de la Musique" has certainly lost some of its spontaneity but still retains a good level of choice. It was initiated first in 1982 by Jack Lang, minister of Culture, in Paris. The year after, it was naturally extended to France in many cities, to become today a national event. A government decision can push expression in one direction or the other, and in France it has allowed a public joyful response to what has become an institution.

At the new Museum "Quai Branly", two guitarist from Cape Verde, Vaar and Tuia, were playing some fusion batuk jazz rock in the library. Surrounded by melodies and books, heaven must be somewhere on earth...
An interesting exhibition on Jazz and its history is located at the ground level of the Museum. Created by the philosopher and art critic Daniel Soutif, it presented the relationship between jazz and the graphic arts chronologically throughout the entire 20th century with sound, extracts and images.

Listings for official musical performances were available for any type of music, from Lyric choir, to army tunes, to Offenbach and classical, to World, Rock, Oriental, Latinos, Salsa... You could have started your musical day at noon in organized locations and end it after midnight at major boulevards.
You name it, you would have found it.

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AliK said...

Paris has been and will continue to be the cradle for international talent, and incubated, and developed talent coming from asia, africa, south america and the middle east. I am thankful for this enrichment Also, Lebanon launched its Music Festival last week! Hopefully, it can spread to the rest of the MENA world, and people will be dancing in the streets of damascus, baghdad, riyadh, tehran, etc.. It will undoubtedly soften the hearts, and enhance tolerance.