Friday, 10 July 2009

Fashion Week in Paris

Designers, Haute Couture, Fashion in Paris was on the menu for a week. Dresses, details, embroidery, drappe, dentelle, lace, feathers...
Commentaries by Fashion experts on the news: "Haute couture is really about taste and aesthetic vision. It’s the kind of vision that Karl Lagerfeld showed the other night at Chanel (...)The best show of the couture season, which ended Wednesday night, was Lacroix ...(IHT)" glitz, glamour...
Arab designers were part of the show. Elie Saab, the most notorious to Rabih Keyrouz, the new comer in the arena, they all presented quality, talent and ideas.
Beyond the frivolity of the present, an exhibition dedicated to Madeleine Vionnet is currently at the Musee d'Arts Decoratifs in Paris. Known as the pionneer in the Biais cut and the art of drappe, Vionnet had her ateliers from 1912 to 1938 with 1200 workers. She allowed the transformation of the woman's silhouette and the body's emancipation. Dresses became her signature of purity. Geometrical design got her closer to architects like Le Corbusier. At the age of 63, she closed her shops, on the eve of world war II. Coco Channel was her contemporary but her couture house is still at the edge of fashion. The business model chosen by Coco allowed her name to remain while Vionnet is in Museums.
Nevertheless, Vionnet's dresses could be on the runway today with style and ease competing with the fresh designers desperatly trying to impact and influence women's world.

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