Monday, 2 May 2011

Forest calling for art

Malin Holmberg, will stop loving you, 2010
Photo: Anders Norrsell

Anne Thulin, Double Dribble, 2010
Photo: Anders Norrsell

 The forest is now a playground for Art. In the southern part of Sweden, the foundation for contemporary art, Wanas, has asked artists to face the living green bulk of a forest. Their contributions was mainly sculpture and land art. Around a medieval castle, near the city of Malmo, the foundation has an integrated bio dairy farm,  exhibition spaces dedicated to contemporary art and an untamed forest left to its own evolution where artists are called to leave an imprint. 
"Art is the only solution to strand the invisible gap between nature and man" says the sculptor Richard Nonas. 
Arabs are far to busy with fundamentals on freedom of expression and liberties, will they ever think about their relationship with nature?

Maya Lin, 11 Minute Line, 2004
Courtesy the artist.

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