Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ghada al Kandari at the Tillal Gallery in Kuwait

Ghada al Kandari, an accomplished artist, gave us a beautiful part of her expression. 
It starts as a first step in her blog:

It is the window to the artist's inside lense. She blogs, writes, takes pictures of her work on a process level, she shows her sketches. As if this web window allows her to share the process she goes through. And the process is fascinating.

It has the creative sparkle that mesmerizes.

The second step is the exhibition:

At the Tillal Gallery, in Kuwait, Ghada al Kandari had a full exhibition, although the space is cold, big and unfriendly. She managed to fill the walls, use the empty space to comfortably put the scene and decor for her "Eves".
The collection of her works showed a well rounded process of works. She has her style and yet evolves with intensity. 
Women in different personas, doing different things, being at different stages, are the main subject of her works. 
She, herself, wore a beautiful black dress to compliment the show.  

The third step: the canvas are pulled down. The show is over. Ghada is showing a new painting in her blog. She moves on. Easily or with difficulty, it is hard to tell.
Then, frivolously, in an unexpected manner, two paintings by Ghada are hung on a different wall beside a staircase, behind a table with a flowered vase. The two "Eves" have found a new home.  At least they were bought in a pair as to have each other in case of severe loneliness or homesickness. There is a story behind the "Eves" and it feels that they have said a lot, heard a lot, and saw a lot...

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