Sunday, 27 February 2011

Kuwait celebrates 50 20 5 in 2011

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The Arab world is tiptoeing on the verge of public protests, revolutions, demands, uprising and political turmoil, with a contagious sense spreading across borders.
While Kuwait is celebrating its 50 years independence, 20 years liberation and 5 years of the new Amir's leadership. The party was big. The military parade, a classic parade, had one significant twist: the Amir hosted a large congregation of Arab leaders, leaders from around the world, military delegations, friends and family. It must have been a good time to discuss current political issues. The Arabs have integrated in their language the word : "coulisse" used as "kawaleess" or what goes behind the scene. The kawaleess must have been the "it" place to be.
What could the Syrian president have said to the Lebanese president? What did the Iraqi president chat about with the King of Bahrain? Did anyone give any advice to the Qatari Emir on what to do with Al jazeera tv? Did the King of Spain share with anyone his experience in parliamentary monarchy?
It must have been a good fruitful party.
And for the people of Kuwait, the giant, massive fireworks along the Gulf Road was a display of joy and fun. It was very well prepared with a general artistic presentation of Kuwait's history. In the streets fully packed, people rejoiced.

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