Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hang in there 248am - blogger gets a lawsuit for an opinion

The Arab world is boiling with turmoil, masses are asking for change, freedom, liberties, opportunities. In Kuwait besides the concours d'elegance and the preparation for the 50th celebrations of Liberation day, a blogger, Mark, in his popular blog: 248am, receives a lawsuit for posting his opinion on Benihana, a newly opened restaurant in Kuwait. He did not really like his experience.

Do you mean if one talks about anything negative, they will be immediately persecuted?
And this is not a political opinion, or a dissent's reaction, or a voice calling for justice or a repressed group in some underprivileged conditions.
This is just a restaurant, food, and marketing.

Well, fellow blogger, Mark, hang in there. It can only show how powerful you have become in your opinions and how important your views can be.

There is a lot of talks about the importance of Facebook or twitter and virtual communities in the making of these street revolutions.  The power of opinion, once it's heard by a larger group, can have a huge impact.
We'll be waiting to see the lawsuit's evolution and Benihana's survival.

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