Saturday, 29 January 2011

"Power point makes us stupid" - Franck Frommer

The word is out since the US military is strategically thinking of  Power Point's (ppt)  impact on winning or loosing a battle. (see NY Times article)
In France, Franck Frommer, a former journalist and a specialist in communication, has been studying the matter closely for the past two years and produced a well documented research. He says ppt is a good tool to make many presentations, but why has the world of communication been highjacked by powerpoint and the only way to communicate and present any idea has to go through that box?
He is surprised at how the whole world is thinking now in slides, one thought per slide, with limited visuals. His worry is the lack of creativity in the process. He defines thinking through Powerpoint as intelectual poverty.
Food for thought: do you feel that ppt is making you stupid?

link to Entrecom's blog in french

link NY Times

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