Friday, 14 January 2011

A photographer in the Sartorialist

The sartorialist:
(definition of "sartorial": adjective: of or relating to tailoring, cloths, style of dress: sartorial elegance)
A photographer, Scott Schumann, is interested in fashion, cloth and people who carry well what they wear. He takes photos on the streets of New York, Milan or Paris. He also takes photos of highly visible and known people in the fashion industry. He shows his works on a blog: The sartorialist.
Up to that point, it all seems pretty typical of anyone who has a passion and exhibits his views on the web through a blog.

In that video though, there is one fascinating attribute: the look on his eyes. Schumann is metamorphosed when released in the wilderness.
He becomes a tracker, he maneuvers as a hunter, he detects details, he identifies a look, he spots grace, he catches a style, he captures the effort of refinement.
Then, quickly, in a few seconds, it's over: pictures are taken and he's back on the tracking lane, without respite. Everything, everyone can become a prey.
And he remains an agile hunter, moving, determined to track, no matter how many images are in his memory card, or his actual physical memory. There is no end to it.

link to the sartorialist

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