Thursday, 29 January 2009

rashid diab

Whispers of the Nile
Dar al Funoon, Kuwait
until 30th jan 2009

How can a man listen to the River, how can he hear it whisper?
What is it really telling him? What secrets are revealed to him? In one of his paintings the title is "listen to the Silence".
Dr Diab is a Sundaneese painter since childhood as he said "It did not matter if I had some space or some tools to paint, I just painted." With serenity, he expresses natural component of his surroundings . Colors have such lightness, extending vastness to the eye. A look and through a split of a moment, it is possible to travel, embrace the land, walk with the women, get sand in your hands from the desert or splash the water in the heavenly blue.
Some might be provoked by canvases of red in full strength or grey in the passage of time and the melancholy of passions.
But it isn't graphic reproduction of a reality. Dr Diab reaches far beyond the simplistic expression. In his quest for understanding of what lies beneath, he has dwelled on Philosophy of art, has mastered techniques, history of art, meaning of art by philosophers...
As his paintings, he went beyond the separation of the two subjects. He is the philosopher of his art, speaks few words and awaits to see how the viewer will interpret it all. He longs for " the nostalgia for the universal world" and wishes to animate a sparkle with the message he conveys.


Eduardo Alvarado said...

Rashid Diab is a great artist...thank you!

sarah said...

thank you for your comment and your link to your blog on art in spanish.
I'll practice my spanish and please do leave more comments on the other entries of my blog

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