Sunday, 4 January 2009

Gemayzeh, archeological excavation on site,
Beirut, Lebanon

While hopping from bars to restaurants in the hip area of Beirut, you might find in Gemayzeh an empty lot with a fence and a cover. Peaking through the holes, in day time, workers were using small brushes and miniatures shovels to remove dirt and put aside pieces of history. Talking to a young lady on site who preferred to stay anonymous, she revealed that she was a archeologist part of the swat team of emergency excavation on land owned by private citizens who planned to remove the old and construct a new tower of concrete.
It seems that it is now part of the Lebanese legislation for the emergency team to perform the necessary in a short period and unravel the puzzles underneath. She was eager to tell us that they had finished with the Ottoman foundations to dig deeper and get to the roman tombs with its collection of mosaics and other artifacts. The whole region was a cemetery for Romans.

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