Friday, 19 December 2008

Yann Arthus Bertrand
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If you take the plane out of an arab country to some exotic destination, in day time, seated in a back row where your view is not obstructed by a wing, grab the time to look out your window after eating and watching the latest Angelina Jolie movie.
Beauty of Earth at its most elegant and expressive perfection will unfold. Sea, deserts, hills, mountains, cities, more desert, rivers, greenery, sand...
In its detailed evolution, earth has given us the foundation of color (imagine the infinity of variation of one shade along the movement of the sun and light), textures (touch with your senses the diversity of the minute grain to the immensity of a sand desert) vibes (it vibrates to what you can see in your minuscule eye and to what your infinite soul can perceive).
When seen from above, how small humans can be and how vast is the space provided to enjoy..
It might be a dry image but it can also pull you to the warmth of the land, the closeness of the dunes, the fertility of the soil, the multitude of the animal world, the geometry of man kind and the surprises given to those who can see.
Yann Arthus Bertrand is a photographer who flies in helicopters with his camera and awaits to be taken by the aesthetics of earth. He became the icon of photos from above.
He understands what lies under our feet and we are blinded by details of what humans can construct and be proud of.


Unknown said...

indeed we are so blinded by silly details that we miss the beauty of things,moments and mostly the present.

Anonymous said...

Very powerful expression of images, transports the reader into the mind of the writer.

Liberating thoughts, expresses the infinite potential of those who can free themselves from the constraints of a myopic life and lifestyle.