Monday, 1 December 2008

Traffic Quintet
At Dar al Athar, Kuwait, 1/12/08

A concert presented by the French Embassy of Kuwait. String musicians around the idea of integrating live music with a video screen in the hope of a non-typical performance. Their aim is to combine contemporary art and music from classical French movies.

At some point one could watch the screen more than listen to music. At other points, the music was powerfully present. Along the videos, the themes were all starting from a moving target: a car on a dark road, motorcycles with head lights on, a walk through the gates of a large garden, water splashing on a statue, smoke from a large fire, a Japanese empty bus with wipers on. Music followed closely the movement, accompanied the effects. Or could it have been the reverse: cameras tried to visualize the music and become part of the show?
References of the arts, titles, videos were not easily grasped by non-initiated, but the performance was enjoyable and of quality.


AliK said...
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Anonymous said...

the beauty of that concert is that it was alive,its an intresting combination between The Audio & The Visuel.Dania