Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Jean Claude Novaro in Kuwait

In April 2012, Dar al Funoon in Kuwait exhibited works by Jean Claude Novaro, a master glassblower.
He currently has an atelier in al Ain, (UAE) but has worked for years out of Biot, south of France. He started his career at the age of 14 and has blown glass since then. 
To the question: how long does it take to blow a glass piece; he answers :"Blowing glass has to be done at very high pace, heat being the transforming element. But how long has it taken me to master the different techniques, to add to it colors, to add to it all the inclusions, a lifelong journey!"
Each piece was dancing in a static version. Color in its vivid form was suspended in the clarity of transparency. Light was embraced by the object. 
Novaro blew his breath in each composition and the life force is captured in the fragility of glass.

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